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My name is Sia PatelPuri. I am the founder of Dance For Change and my passion is Kathak dance! Since the age of four, I have been studying Kathak, a North-Indian classical art form that demonstrates lightning-speed footwork and chakkars (pirouettes). Kathak comes from the Sanskrit word “Katha”, which means storytelling. As kathakas, or storytellers, we tell stories that we believe are significant to us. Dance is a way that allows me to share my values and views with the world.

Our world experiences issues such as climate change, polluted rivers, soil degradation, homelessness, bullying, and teen suicide, which I address through my dance. Dance for Change is a nonprofit I have founded to spread awareness of global issues through the art of mime and expression. As future generations of this world, we need to bring light to problems our world is facing today so that together, we can implement positive changes to help protect and preserve our planet and communities. Even the smallest actions such as reducing plastic consumption, picking up trash, and planting trees, can have a huge impact towards a better environment. In my YouTube video clips, you will see my passion for Kathak Dance along glimpses of my bringing light to a variety of issues. I hope to inspire you to make positive changes. 

In addition, I showcase my special talent…Kathak Yoga! That is, playing the violin while performing Kathak dance. I will be using my right hand to bow, my left hand to play the notes, holding my body motionless to bow smoothly, singing the underlying taal, or rhythmic cycle of varied beats, and doing mathematically intricate rhythmic footwork, all of which demand several layers of concentration. The ghungroo, or bells, ring in unison as a supplementary instrument, and my footwork serves as a percussion instrument. It’s been challenging and rewarding at the same time, teaching myself to play the violin while dancing Kathak. Please subscribe to my channel below to join & support my journey of Kathak dance!

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